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Project Description

Duality Dance

Music has always been present, but acknowledging the innate gift and talent came later when I developed a passion for flutes and saxophone.  Self-taught, a personal sound emerged and an openness and creativity were discovered in myself.

I was blessed to work and tour with legendary jazz artists – drummer Eddie Moore, violinist Michael White, and pianist Andrew Hill, literally learning to play and develop while performing live on stage with them.  Their encouragement, belief, support, generosity, and friendship deepened an understanding in my musical path, widened horizons, and bestowed a legacy of creativity, originality, and spontaneity.

“…a strong Japanese American jazz musician who in playing his own compositions is playing himself…projects a fierce, uncompromising integrity.”

– Richard Oyama, DownBeat Magazine

“Russel Baba has managed to endow his alto saxophone with the timbre and flexibility of a violin.  His new sound is extra-ordinarily beautiful…”

– Elaine Cohen; CODA Magazine

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