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A performing arts center coming to Mount Shasta, CA!
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Jefferson Center for the Arts (JCA) is to be Mount Shasta’s premier performing arts venue incorporating the natural beauty of the area for the purpose of improving social, economic and cultural assets. The JCA will be a regional hub for Live Music, Theatre and Art for local residents and tourists alike. It is scheduled to open Summer 2018.

The JCA would like to ask everyone to please help us spread the word by “liking /following on our FB page and sharing our vision with others who would be just as excited about it as we are. We’re a community based operation and we simply couldn’t create the magic unless you were involved!  Here’s a way you can participate:

Please share your ideas with us! We’d like to know if there’s a particular genre of music, art or theatre that you like. Who are some up and coming artists that you would like to see booked at the JCA? Whats your idea of a great evening out? What special talents do you have that you’d like to share with us? etc…

The only way to be successful in our community is to have YOU involved in the process. We’re here to support community! Please keep in mind, the JCA is a 150 seat venue so it’s limited in capacity. However, we’re hoping to accommodate larger audiences in the summer with outdoor events. Our structural vision is clear and now we need the community to decorate that vision with its own unique dreams and ideas. Please share yours! We look forward to hearing from you.

Musicians, Visual Artists, Performers: We welcome your submissions year round. Please send demos, bios, photos and anything else that showcases you to TheJCA@yahoo.comVolunteers: Please contact Wendy at the same email, if you are interested in volunteering at the JCA. We can always use more help with fund-raising, grant writing, painting, design and the like.

Wendy James is the founder of Jefferson Center for the Arts, and is also the owner and director of Shasta Studios in Mount Shasta! She has been involved in dance, music and theatre all of her life. Wendy comes from four generations of theatrical performers who have led her to happily do the same. She was raised in the family school, Schumacher’s School of Dance, just outside of San Francisco. It was the largest dance academy in Northern California for 41 years with five classrooms and 750 students each year.

Rather than stay and continue being the director of the school, Wendy decided to pursue her performing career and see the world. In that time she had the opportunity to perform in Russia, China, Japan, Europe and across the United States. Wendy was in Showboat in London’s West End and the Broadway companies of Sister Act and Irving Berlin’s White Christmas.  Wendy won an Emmy Award in 2001 and the top prize at the International Dance Exposition in Prague for her jazz choreography. She lives now in Mt Shasta with my her daughter, sharing her knowledge and love of the arts with the community in Siskiyou County. Wendy believes that dancing is good for you!