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Siskiyou County Arts Council is the proud fiscal sponsor of:

I Create What I Believe! Self-Awareness Art Program
where art and science converge.

The I Create What I Believe! Program is designed help both children and adults transform old beliefs, perceptions, and behaviors that hinder their ability to succeed. In a lab at Stanford Medical School, Dr. Bruce Lipton proved that our beliefs and our perceptions, not our genes, control our biology and when you change a belief in your reactive mind, you can change your whole life.  Dr. Lipton endorses the I Create What I Believe! Program as a groundbreaking way to facilitate such a transformative change.


I Create What I Believe! is a groundbreaking approach to drawing that enables both children and adults to reduce stress, release bottled-up emotions, and gain a deeper sense of self with just crayons and paper. Individuals suffering from trauma, and PTSD have found this program to be very useful in their healing. It also is currently being used successfully in many Head Start schools and preschools programs in the United States to help young children learn to self-regulate, place their mind in a ‘learning ready’ state and increase their resiliency.

This simple and non-threatening approach to drawing incorporates the introspective benefits of the creative process with science. This anomaly can also help an individual understand how stress and trauma can impact his or her body, cloud their perceptions and impair their ability to thrive.


The Author

Nancy Marie is a driving force for self-actualization and the creator of the I Create What I Believe! Self-Awareness Art Program (ICWIB) – which is based on the research of Dr. Lipton. Her academic background is in the fields of art and movement, though her longtime fascination has been the mind. Specifically, she has focused on how stress and our early childhood experiences affect the mind and one’s ability to succeed. This life-long pursuit, and the creation of the ICWIB program were inspired by her own trauma, learning challenges, and subsequent healing.

Nancy is also the author and illustrator of three other books: Out of the Box and Into Yourself!Passage of Change, A fable based on the research of Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., and The Beckoning Song of Your Soul, A Guidebook for Developing Your Intuition.

Ms. Marie is the current director of Inner Eye Publishing and the past director of The Wizard of Us – a children’s magazine written and illustrated by and for children. She has also been leading creative and intuitive development workshops for over 30 years and is a firm believer that creative self-expression can promote healing, help you gain a greater sense of self, and help you create a joyous life.


We invite you to watch this captivating video that simplifies the science and demystifies the biology and psychology behind this proven program.